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Does anyone really need an iPad? The answer is probably no, however everyone wants one. Why do I need an iPad is a question that gets asked over and over again! The New iPad or the iPad3 is an amazing tablet that Apple has created for us to want one. So what is so special about the new ipad, iPad 3? It's 4 times faster than the iPad2, the screen resolution is better than the HDTV you have in your home! Want a new iPad yet? You can buy refurbished, which is just like buying a brand new iPad because when Apple takes one back in for repair they resell the iPad as if its brand new and it is a brand new iPad because Apple will give you the full warranty on it. So the question is do I buy a brand new Ipad 3 or do I buy a used iPad 1 or a used iPad 2 or a used iPad 3? The bottom line is always what do you want to spend for a new Ipad? If the answer is I want to pay less for my new iPad then the way to go is to buy a used iPad! There are several place to get the used iPad's. We will show you and give you tips on where to get the best deal on a new, or used or refurbished iPad 3 or an iPad 2 or the original iPad which is still a great tablet from Apple! Be sure to check back here often for the latest on buying a used iPad3.

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